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> Dave I agree with the notion of enhancing photos of perps but not so fast
on the license plates.  Those are two different things.


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> spike

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>. I think you may be underestimating the power of the Google AI There are
more detailed descriptions of the process available in links from the
article.  Sure, if you only have a few pixels available in the original,
then there won't be enough data to expand into a photo.  But most cameras
(Nest, etc.) have much more than a few pixels available.

I think the AI does backward and forwards resolving to check that the final
photo does blur back down to the original photo, to check that the expansion
is valid.


But we should see implementations appearing soon, if it lives up to the







BillK, the notion of enhancing images of a person does work if we have a
limited subset of possibilities.


For instance, imagine a murder where we know the perp is one of these
people:  Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum...  


If you already know it is one of say... 8 suspects, photo enhancement can be
done because we know a limited set of endpoints.  Without that, our best
centroiding extrapolations can still produce nothing more certain than a
police artists' sketch which depends on witnesses verbal description.  That
process kinda works to some extent sometimes.  But not always:





Regarding my allusion to the board game Clue: I often wondered why the game
makers didn't seem to have one, with that absurd premise.  A detective could
easily figure out what room in which Mr. Boddy's body was discovered, such
as by looking around and seeing if she saw pans and dishes (probably
kitchen) or if she saw books (might deduce it was the library.)  Likewise it
should be easy enough to determine whether some perp shot Boddy or swatted
him with a candlestick.  The corpses look different, depending on the


Furthermore. what if a Manson follower climbed in the window, smacked Boddy
with a lead pipe, then went back out the same window?


But hey it's a game, and actually a fun one.  I seldom lost at that.  If one
gets good at it, there isn't much guesswork.





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