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> Regarding my allusion to the board game Clue: I often wondered why the
> game makers didn’t seem to have one, with that absurd premise.  A detective
> could easily figure out what room in which Mr. Boddy’s body was discovered,
> such as by looking around and seeing if she saw pans and dishes (probably
> kitchen) or if she saw books (might deduce it was the library.)  Likewise
> it should be easy enough to determine whether some perp shot Boddy or
> swatted him with a candlestick.  The corpses look different, depending on
> the circumstances.
I hear the premise is that it is set before even basic forensic techniques
were widely followed.  You or I might look for such clues, but to the
people back then, it took a leap of imagination to think of this.  Thus the
game's emphasis on negative evidence: it couldn't have been Plum because
Plum was at the other end of the mansion at the time, it couldn't have been
the revolver (which was unloaded but could have been used as a melee
weapon) because the revolver was locked in a gun safe, and so on.
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