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One of the best versions of these "what if X battled Y?" is the series of
Epic Rap Battles of History. Some are brilliant and hilarious and few are
bad. Examples: 


Albert Einstein vs Stephen Hawking.








OK, you're on, Max.  You and me pal, epic rap battle, we both hafta be
dressed as cavemen.


Fun aside: we were at Extro 4 in Berkeley in about. when?  1999?  I had some
fellers over at my house.  The internet was new-ish then, but there was some
fun stuff out there.  For instance, there was a site which did text to
speech of the kind Steven Hawking was using that that time.  Being as he is
the most famous person to use that, everyone associated that voice with
Hawking.  We don't even know what the real Hawking sounded like, but rather
associate him with that artificial voice.  Max and Hawking are both from
Great Britain, so the real Hawking probably likely sounded a lot more like
More than like that artificial Hawking voice.


In any case, after E4, a bunch of guys came over, we found a site where they
said Steven Hawking had taken up rap.  They text-to-speeched the Hawking
voice with actual rap lyrics.  Use your imagination.  We thought we were
going to get a brain hemorrhage laughing at the silliness.



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