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> Idea: there is sufficient room in that short driveway to build a
> turntable.  We know at car shows there are such things, but that isn’t
> really what I have in mind, for that would be expensive and would be too
> easy anyway.  A caveman could hire people to install that.  But I thought
> of a way to build a homebrew turntable nearly flush with the ground using
> stuff ordinary proles could find easily: a truck wheel hub assembly.  The
> conic bearings on those rigs would easily bear the load both in thrust and
> torque that an ordinary passenger car would deliver to it.  The whole
> assembly is already weather sealed, and already has a grease zerk for easy
> periodic maintenance.  Cool!
> That whole notion would require sinking a hole about 20 cm down and about
> 50 cm across, the hub assembly could go down there, welded to a base plate,
> then the turntable could be made of channel iron (C-section) beams in an H
> configuration.  I know how to do all the necessary sizing calculations.  A
> coupla fellers with a welder could build something like that for a coupla
> thousand bucks methinks.  That’s play money for anyone who lives in Palo
> Alto.
> I digress however, for that has little or nothing to do with patents.  But
> Max’s patent fight comment brings up another kinda related idea: we could
> have fist fights where the pugilists are dressed up as cavemen.  Sounds
> like fun, however I digress even further into the abysss of absurdity.
> I have half a mind to sketch up the idea and mail it, addressed to: Feller
> who lives at 1079 Embarcadero, Palo Alto CA.
> Adrian, isn’t Palo Alto in your neighborhood?  You and I could start a
> side biz making low-cost turntables for proles living on Embarcadero Road.
> You could use the earnings from that to support your rocket science habit.
> I have a welder.

It would have to be powered (turning it by hand with a car parked on it
would take way too much effort) .  You would need clearance around the
turntable in case the car is parked off-center enough to hang over the
edge...and it would need to lock if a car is only halfway on it (and it
would need to tell the difference between 2 wheels of a car and 2 wheels of
a motorcycle), if you didn't want a large ongoing insurance premium.  It's
construction, with all that licensing and paperwork.

Most importantly, while there are some houses that could benefit from this,
their quantity is limited - likely way insufficient to warrant product
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