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> Hi Adrian,
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>> It is shown that each human plugged into the Matrix has a series of
>> physical plugs, through which stimuli are fed in.
> Yes, obviously. the final result of that process being knowledge, composed
> of redness and greenness, in the brain, in all those vats.
>   They experience simulated redness and greenness - which may well not be
>> the same as actual redness and greenness,
> Yay,  you may well not be qualia blind.  You are almost distinguishing
> between red (the property of something which reflects a particular
> wavelength of light)  and redness (an intrinsic quality of your knowledge
> of red things.)
>> but they have no way to know if they have never been awake outside of the
>> Matrix.
> Not true.  Your left hemisphere knows absolutely, through computational
> binding achieved via the corpus callosum, not only that it is not the only
> hemisphere in existence, it also knows, absolutely, that the redness in
> that other hemisphere is the same as it's redness.

No, your left hemisphere does not know this. It just knows what it is like
to have a redness experience when connected to the right hemisphere. It
cannot know what the right hemisphere would experience on its own.
Similarly, a patient with a cochlear implant knows what it is like to be a
brain-cochlear implant system. He does not know what it is like to be a
cochlear implant.

>   If the optic nerve red/green inverted knowledge in only the left
> hemisphere, or if you just used a neural ponytail to bind with someone that
> was red green inverted, the right hemisphere would know that, absolutely,
> of that red/green qualia inversion.
> Neural ponytails that can enable the same kind of direct apprehension of
> intrinsic qualities outside of our skull, will absolutely falsify skeptical
> theories like solipsism, and crazy theories like: 'We are a brain in a vat.
> To better understand this, jump to 10:30 minutes into the "Differentiating
> between reality and knowledge of reality" chapter with this link
> <https://canonizer.com/videos/consciousness/?chapter=differentiate_reality_knowledge&t=630>
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