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> I don’t get it.  Why didn’t they get the civilians and allies out first,
> in an organized orderly way with the Bagram AFB still fully operational and
> providing cover fire?  We don’t understand that at all.  When the last
> civilian and ally is safe elsewhere, then the military could slip out
> without warning.

Those of us who were dealing with the facts of Afghanistan - that they
don't have American maintenance locally, that many of their police and
military haven't been paid for a while, et cetera - saw it coming.  These
facts were either masked in reports to, or ignored by, the upper reaches of
the administration for much of the past 20 years.

Now… we face a hostage situation worse than the one in Iran 40 yrs ago.
> Before it is over, the US may need to shoot its way back in.  Or leave
> American hostages to die.

Those Americans who are still there, either did not want to leave or were
ordered to stay (e.g. soldiers).  They're hardly hostages.
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