[ExI] Report: Gen. Milley held top-secret meeting to block Trump’s nuke access; told staff to disobey all but his orders

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Thu Sep 16 13:20:31 UTC 2021

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> Anton it sends the signal that any general may decide if the POTUS is
> bonkers, then act according to whatever he wants to do.  China will be
> emboldened.  I predict they will act while during the term of the current

We don't know at this point if (1) the story is true, (2) there's
sufficient evidence to convict, or (3) the administration is willing to
take action. Even if the answers are yes, yes, and no, the likely takeaway
is that people agreed with Milley's assessment. The military is big on
following orders, but everyone given an order has the potential to disobey
an order that they think is wrong or illegal.

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