[ExI] The Planck era: Imagining our infant universe

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> According to a post some time back, it was stated that in outer space, atoms pop up out of nowhere.  Do they go back to where they came from?  Or stay here?  Do they form a physical connection with another universe?  If so, then couldn't the other universe affect ours in other ways, such as with gravity forces?  bill w
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I thought I could reply to this, but quantum field theory gets
complicated very quickly.  :)
Anything I write will probably have mistakes in it, but here goes.......

It's not atoms that pop up in empty space. It is elementary particles,
like quarks, much, much smaller than atoms. At the quantum level you
have wave particle duality where a particle or quantum entity may be
described as either a particle or a wave. They don't come from
anywhere. There is a fluctuating quantum energy field throughout
space. No connection to other universes.

Now I had better go and hide before the real experts start criticizing
that description.  :)


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