[ExI] The Planck era: Imagining our infant universe

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'Everything gotta be someplace'.  In searching for things I have viewed
this as my mantra.  Wrong?   bill w

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> > According to a post some time back, it was stated that in outer space,
> atoms pop up out of nowhere.  Do they go back to where they came from?  Or
> stay here?  Do they form a physical connection with another universe?  If
> so, then couldn't the other universe affect ours in other ways, such as
> with gravity forces?  bill w
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> I thought I could reply to this, but quantum field theory gets
> complicated very quickly.  :)
> Anything I write will probably have mistakes in it, but here goes.......
> It's not atoms that pop up in empty space. It is elementary particles,
> like quarks, much, much smaller than atoms. At the quantum level you
> have wave particle duality where a particle or quantum entity may be
> described as either a particle or a wave. They don't come from
> anywhere. There is a fluctuating quantum energy field throughout
> space. No connection to other universes.
> Now I had better go and hide before the real experts start criticizing
> that description.  :)
> BillK
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