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Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Sun Apr 24 12:17:04 UTC 2022

On 23/04/2022 00:45, billW wrote:
> According to Susie Bonds, an apparently well-known nutritionist, the 
> following are myths:
> 1 - carbs are fattening; same calorie count as proteins per weight
> 2 - avoid fruit because of the sugar; the sugars are different from 
> table sugar and added sugars
> 3 - avoid anything white; mostly true, though for bread, pasta and 
> rice but don't shun potatoes onions, apples, milk, yogurt, bananas, 
> cauliflower
> 4 - avoid wheat because of the gluten; only those who are allergic 
> will benefit from avoiding wheat
> 5 - avoid white sugar;  all sugars convert to glucose in the body
> 6 - don't eat carbs late in the day; no studies support this
> I suspect that low carb diets work because people eat too many bad 
> carbs; i.e. we will tend to overeat carbs where we wouldn't with 
> proteins. Low fat diets went out of style because of studies.  So - 
> eat a balanced diet.  How retro.   bill w

Never heard of Suzie Bonds, but that's not really surprising. All of 
those points are so simplistic as to be almost worthless, not to mention 
that most of them are just plain wrong, together with wrong or 
irrelevant reasons why they are 'myths'.

The whole thing is silly, really, not even worth going through point by 
point to refute them, they should be obvious. I expect Suzie Bonds is 
trying to sell a book to people gullible enough to believe what she 
says, contradictions and all, without even thinking about it.

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