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>…According to Susie Bonds, an apparently well-known nutritionist, the following are myths:


>…  So - eat a balanced diet.  How retro.   bill w



Billw, it is most remarkable how different and varied is heath and diet advice.  Clearly some or perhaps most of it is just nonsense: we see paid advertisement on news channels which guarantee that sucking a lemon with cinnamon powder and a glass of ice water at bedtime burns 20 pounds a month.  The point if the ad isn’t to help people lose weight or even sell lemons, it is to damage the credibility of the news site which ran the ad.


For reasons we still don’t understand, the digestive systems of humans varies waaaay more than a typical mammal species.  My best explanation is that technology enabled us to radiate all over the globe where digestive systems adapted to deal with whatever was available there.


End result: much health advice and perhaps most diet advice is unhelpful, inadequate, incomplete, ineffective and often harmful to the general population.







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