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>…Billw…sucking a lemon with cinnamon powder and a glass of ice water at bedtime burns 20 pounds a month.  The point if the ad isn’t to help people lose weight or even sell lemons, it is to damage the credibility of the news site which ran the ad…





An example is shown above.  Imagine a news site will run ads for anyone willing to buy ad space.  Someone buys an add saying it will improve mileage 55% if you pour a bottle of cola into the tank.


Poor person, owns little, earns little, pours cola into the tank, surprise!  The car doesn’t run at all.  100% savings on fuel.  The cost of draining the tank, fuel lines and manifold of contaminant might be a significant fraction of the value of the junky old car.  Result: one fewer gasoline burning vehicle on the road, one more probably homeless person under the nearest bridge.  The ad runner has done her part to combat global warming.


The above scenario is a good analog for the current debate over whether to filter the internet, purge it of disinformation.  I am all for it, if disinformation is defined by… me.  If I get to define disinformation (with no appeal or oversight) I am all for it.  Otherwise I oppose it.  But clearly there exists disinformation and some of it is very harmful to the gullible.










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