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### As I said, I think I don't need these medications. I am not ideologically opposed to using "substances" to experience new things…


Ja in principle.  But the practice externalizes risk onto society, for we have this habit of feeding people who wreck themselves with chemicals.



>… and yes, I heard about the long-term beneficial effects of single psychedelic sessions which were reported recently…


Ja, but it was reported by the same people who self-reported being able to think 1000 times faster after devouring magic mushrooms, with no actual chess games to prove it.  If they feel better, well OK then, I suppose we hafta accept it, for they are the only ones who know how they feel.  I have my doubts that some chemical can somehow go inside a brain and fix something permanently.  In theory perhaps, but it is easier to imagine some chemical going inside a brain and wrecking something.  I try to keep an open mind.



>…The thing is, I am actually pretty satisfied with myself, in a general feeling-of-the-world way…


Me too!  The difference is, I am often insufferably self-satisfied.  Friends have suggested depressants such as Despondex.  Rafal, you aren’t that way.  Thanks for being you, sir.



>…I am of the libertarian persuasion so of course I would not deny anybody the right to alter their minds using drugs of their choice but my own choice is, for now and pending additional information, no drugs for me.  Rafal



Same here.  


I have a notion on which our local psychologist BillW might offer insights.  A prole can go to a doctor (such as Rafal) and they can give her pills and medications, but for some problems she can go to a physical therapist or a chiropractor, who can do some treatments but do not go inside the body (well… OK some do that, but that isn’t what they are supposed to be doing for her.)  Many report that the PT or Chiro does good things, and it appears generally safe I suppose.  


One can go to a psychiatrist and he can give her pills and medications, but in principle, a mind might still be OK enough to understand whatever is making it not well and fix itself from within, excluding the use of chemical agents.  I have seen it done.


No matter how we look at it, chemical agents are just harder to control and predict outcomes.  So in a way, psychology is analogous to a good physical therapist, an honest one, the kind who stays outside the body but does good things for the patient.



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