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> >…Why are you so against it?  I don't really understand.  Upbringing?  It seems very anti-learning…
> Could be early perceptions are influencing my attitude.  When I was a child, rock stars seemed to be dropping dead regularly.  Judy Garland (ja I know she wasn’t a rock star, but liked her voice),

Judy Garland died from a barbiturate overdose — not from using psychedelics. 

> Alan Wilson,

Wilson also died from a barbiturate overdose — not from using psychedelics. 

> Jimi Hendrix

He died from asphyxiation after using barbiturates from choking on his own vomit. Again, not from psychedelics.

> and Janis Joplin

She died from a heroin overdose. Again, not a narcotic.

> were all in the same few weeks as I recall, Jim Morrison

Seems to have died of a heroin overdose too, though no autopsy was performed.

> was a little later, Mama Cass they half-ass tried to tell us she choked on a ham sandwich, but we suspect it was dope or perhaps heart failure. 

Based on what? The coroner said she choked to death while eating a sandwich in bed. Why do you believe this to be in error? Anyhow, probably not psychedelics.

> It did seem like drugs were taking a lotta stars,

The drugs being barbiturates, heroin, and eating in bed — not psychedelics. (I’d hazard a guess alcohol and tobacco have probably done more stars in.)

> and ja I realize acid ODs are not fatal usually but in any case, I do admire your openness and honesty about the risks, going crazy and vast nightmare realms.  That last part has a poetic ring to it, but I would rather read about it in a poem than live it.

The risks I’d be more worried about with psychedelics are a) not knowing what you’re getting — which could mean the dose level as well as impurities, both factors having to do with they’re mostly being illegal — and b) doing something dangerous while on them — such as deciding to walk into traffic. The second can be mitigated by having trusted people around to guide you.


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