[ExI] 27 psychedelics??

Will Steinberg steinberg.will at gmail.com
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There are a couple specific fake drugs you might get like 25i-NBOMe instead
of LSD but in general psychs are pretty clean.  Mushrooms are usually
mushrooms, acid is usually acid, DMT is usually DMT.  The latter 2 are
hypothetically easy for anyone to produce from legal items, too.

IMO the main danger of psychedelics would be longer-term mental issues like
depression or paranoia.  Usually the worst that would happen in an extreme
bad trip scenario is someone thinks they have to go to the hospital (panic
attack) and then has a shitty time there because a hospital is probably a
pretty bad place to be tripping (or worse, jail or the back of a police
car).  But yeah I'd say long-term derealization/dissociation effects are
worst case.  Once you see the fabric that reality is made of, things can
feel fake if you don't integrate that property.

It's like being in Conway's Game of Life and then SEEING the entire board
and thinking "wtf, we're all just squares?!".  The trick is to realize that
life and consciousness don't distinguish between substrates so it's fine to
be squares or whatever.

Of course the squarely SQUARE squares I'm squaring off with here won't
care, for them it's neither here nor there...but if they dare to partake in
the apparently perilous fare of a 3mmx3mm^2 square of Lysergsäure (which I
would share) then maybe they could tear through the error of seeing what
seems to be there as something (not squares,) and then be aware that we are
but squares acting and acted in a square fable reflected and refracted on a
square stage, and albeit strange they would be able and willing to pare
that silly error filling their minds, and see through the cracks and the
tears, as they reacted then they would in fact find that magic

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> >…Why are you so against it?  I don't really understand.  Upbringing?  It
> seems very anti-learning…
> Could be early perceptions are influencing my attitude.  When I was a
> child, rock stars seemed to be dropping dead regularly.  Judy Garland (ja I
> know she wasn’t a rock star, but liked her voice),
> Judy Garland died from a barbiturate overdose — not from using
> psychedelics.
> Alan Wilson,
> Wilson also died from a barbiturate overdose — not from using
> psychedelics.
> Jimi Hendrix
> He died from asphyxiation after using barbiturates from choking on his own
> vomit. Again, not from psychedelics.
> and Janis Joplin
> She died from a heroin overdose. Again, not a narcotic.
> were all in the same few weeks as I recall, Jim Morrison
> Seems to have died of a heroin overdose too, though no autopsy was
> performed.
> was a little later, Mama Cass they half-ass tried to tell us she choked
> on a ham sandwich, but we suspect it was dope or perhaps heart failure.
> Based on what? The coroner said she choked to death while eating a
> sandwich in bed. Why do you believe this to be in error? Anyhow, probably
> not psychedelics.
> It did seem like drugs were taking a lotta stars,
> The drugs being barbiturates, heroin, and eating in bed — not
> psychedelics. (I’d hazard a guess alcohol and tobacco have probably done
> more stars in.)
> and ja I realize acid ODs are not fatal usually but in any case, I do
> admire your openness and honesty about the risks, going crazy and vast
> nightmare realms.  That last part has a poetic ring to it, but I would
> rather read about it in a poem than live it.
> The risks I’d be more worried about with psychedelics are a) not knowing
> what you’re getting — which could mean the dose level as well as
> impurities, both factors having to do with they’re mostly being illegal —
> and b) doing something dangerous while on them — such as deciding to walk
> into traffic. The second can be mitigated by having trusted people around
> to guide you.
> Regards,
> Dan
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