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> Modern speech doesn’t mean — just like in prior times — someone give you a
> platform. And this is more about edgelords and alt right trolls wanting a
> captive audience. They have space they can go to, but recall what happened
> with Parler. They didn’t like it because they didn’t have opponents to
> bully or trigger.
### Sufficiently large social networking sites (i.e. sites where
individuals and organizations are allowed to publish their speech) should
not be considered private property, since they act in a state-like manner,
that is, they have an effective monopoly on the publication of speech
within the society they are active in, similar in kind to the monopoly on
the use of legitimized violence that is afforded to the state.

It doesn't matter if a monopolist is "private" or state owned, what matters
is the effective monopoly on some sort of activity of interest to the
society at large. Since the free exchange of opinions on political matters
is of legitimate interest to the society, we the people must have the right
to control the monopolist to assure the monopolist acts in our interest.

Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, the American banking system and other
state-like entities must serve the people. Specifically, in all aspects of
their activities that have a bearing on our ability to exercise our right
of free speech, including sexist, racist, anti-human or hate speech, they
must not in any way abridge this right.

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