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Spike wrote:
>>…Dave you proposed doing something a lot differently, then suggested doing what Musk did, and what I would have had to do too.  Other ideas?

>…Yes, ignoring the things I said that were different than what Musk has done, I had no other ideas. Like I said, I wouldn't have bought Twitter expecting a quick turnaround…


I didn’t ignore that.  Musk isn’t expecting a quick turnaround, nor is anyone else.  Had we cut staff to make payroll meet revenue on the first day, we would know some advertisers would flee, necessitating a second round of cuts, followed by a third.  That doesn’t sound like any quick turnaround to me.  


Musk bought that outfit knowing there was a risk it could not be saved at all.  But if it is, it will make a ton of money and be a huge asset to the world.  I am hoping he can make it go.


>… I wouldn't claim I did it to promote free speech, then continue to suspend accounts not breaking laws and I'd reinstate accounts previously suspended that weren't breaking laws...without conducting polls, because free speech isn't a popularity contest. Advertisers are fleeing because they fear a shit show, and that's what Twitter has become.  -Dave


Dave, new members are coming to Twitter in droves.  I am on there now.  Haven’t posted anything.  I don’t see anything that looks like a shit show.  Were I an advertiser there, I would hang around and look for ways to sell my wares to the newly arrived faceless masses of money.







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