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> Dave, new members are coming to Twitter in droves.  I am on there now.  Haven’t posted anything.  I don’t see anything that looks like a shit show.  Were I an advertiser there, I would hang around and look for ways to sell my wares to the newly arrived faceless masses of money.
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Very debatable. Musk doesn't yet really understand what is going on in Twitter.


Musk’s Beloved Twitter Polls Are Bot-Driven Bullsh!t, Ex-Employees Say
“Polls are more prone to manipulation than almost anything else [on
Twitter]. It’s interesting, given his [Musk’s] use of polls,” Yoel
Roth, the company’s former Head of Trust and Safety says
By Noah Shachtman, Adam Rawnsley     December 1, 2022

There’s just one problem, multiple former Twitter employees say.
The social network’s polls are magnets for bots and other inauthentic
accounts. They’re literally designed to be spammed and gamed.

Musk’s claims of recent user growth may be flawed for the same
bot-plagued reasons, former staffers say. Under his leadership,
Twitter recently told advertisers that monetizable daily active users
have grown 20 percent and Musk himself tweeted that “Twitter usage is
at an all-time high.”
But it’s not clear how much of that claimed growth is authentic.

“Think about it: On any given week, [the security] team removed
millions of accounts manually,” the source said.
After Musk slashed Twitter’s workforce—particularly its trust and
safety teams—the company is now left with fewer staff available to
block those millions of would-be spammers booted under the former

The jury is still out on how Twitter is coping.


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