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>…In principle I agree.  Of course that now nullifies federal government control of firearm sale, but in light of what is going down in China and Iran right now, one can reasonably argue that firearms are a most prudent purchase.


>…Interesting, is this the birth of a new political ideology?  Something like "Libertarian*


Ja, Will in my brand of libertarian, there are still good guys and bad guys.  We want the good guys armed and the bad guys not.


>…Unless the government is acting against people I don't like…


It isn’t so much government acting, it is bad guys acting.  If bad guys get in high places in government, we catch them and get rid of them.  This is accomplished with increase of government oversight by lots of internal checks and balances by unknown internal agents, randomly assigned to oversee each other.  An example is having an investigative team with their email reviewed by randomly selected agents not on the team.  If the unknown agent sees something suspicious, such as Crossfire Hurricane, the unknown agent would report anonymously to alternate command structures.


All that is really a breezy way of saying sunlight is the best disinfectant.


>…Interesting idea!  I wouldn't have thought you were a fan of the ATF but hey we're all full of surprises…


The ATF knew as well.  The tabloid press was carrying stories about the drug use, before, during and after the time the critical F4473 was submitted.  Now we wanna know who approved that F4473 and how it is she didn’t know about what most of us knew or suspected by that time.  Inside the ATF, who knew and when did they know it?  I see this as indication of possible corruption within the ATF.



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