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Not that anyone asked, but I'd also recommend against paxlovid as a Covid
treatment.   Beyond the fact it has some serious (as in potentially fatal)
drug interactions due to the metabolic pathway it hits, I believe the Covid
rebound rate is much much higher than the 5% official figure touted.
 Anecdotally, anyone I know who took it got rebound, as did pretty much any
public figure touting taking it.   I can't prove the rebound rate is higher
than 5% but as a gambling man, I would not bet on the side of paxlovid.

On Mon, Dec 5, 2022 at 1:32 PM Dylan Distasio <interzone at gmail.com> wrote:

> A) I eventually begrudgingly took 1 JNJ to avoid vaccine related
> restrictions and because I was concerned about potentially being on the
> bubble due to my weight/age.
> I raised concerns amongst the list I run online early on regarding
> nanoparticle tissue distribution, and did not believe the risk/reward made
> sense for anyone who is young and healthy.   I stuck to my guns in terms of
> my teenage daughter and have not vaccinated her (and won't under any
> circumstances).   I was not willing to take a mRNA based vaccine, but
> rolled the dice with the JNJ due to it being 1 shot, and hoping that the
> tissue distribution would not be as bad with a viral based vector (this was
> a shot in the dark though) compared to the nanoparticles.   I also have
> major concerns over the purposeful modification they have made to the mRNA
> to make it persist long term.   I am more convinced than ever that the mRNA
> vaccines are unsafe and should be pulled from the market (based on
> risk/reward versus natural infection) or at the very least only offered to
> seniors/high risk groups.
> I was trying to hold out for Novavax which is a traditional vaccine
> (although post-launch, I've got lesser concerns with that one as well) but
> due to FDA political games and some manufacturing issues, they weren't
> approved until much, much later.
> B)  My wife got the original mRNA series from Pfizer over my objections.
>  The entire household later got Covid despite two of us vaccinated.
> No one in the household will be getting any boosters.
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>> Was curious about the folks here, so here is a short poll:
>> A) Have you received any covid vaccines?
>> B) Have you gotten ANY covid?
>> Personally I
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