[ExI] Got the jab?

Rafal Smigrodzki rafal.smigrodzki at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 19:00:32 UTC 2022

I was forced to take the mRNA vaccine in January of 2021, on pain of being
fired from work. I have not tested myself for Covid. Why would I ever do

I am still angry and I feel I was betrayed and used by my hospital, by the
health bureaucracy, by the pseudoscientists who created the vaccine, by the
mass media, by the pharma company that made money on this debacle, I am
angry at all the crooks and fools whose greed, ignorance, politicization
and malice resulted in a huge harm to millions of people like me. Some of
you may recall I was very optimistic and upbeat about the mRNA vaccines
when they came out but boy was I wrong. I am very sorry if my optimism
induced anybody here to take the vaccine and potentially suffer harm. In my
defense, I trusted (stupid me) published research that as it turned out
later was fraudulent. Sorry.

Luckily I read enough on relevant and eye-opening research to confidently
refuse to take any boosters.

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