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>…Spike honest question do you regularly watch fox news?  


No I don’t even have TV.  Haven’t for nearly 16 years.  I get most of my news from Reason and Slashdot.  The kinds of stories they carry get around a lot however in my online circle of friends.


>…I suppose I just don't get why anyone cares that much about Biden's crackhead son…


I do.  Because it reveals his father is probably compromised.  We already know he committed a crime to get a Ukrainian prosecutor off his crackhead son’s tail.


>…This whole thing is one out of a million examples of corruption,  nepotism, etc.  I think crying foul about the ATF form shows a lot of bias…


It isn’t so much bias but it is so very visible.  It is a clear plain example of why there is no point pursuing new gun laws when we have an example shining like a beacon on the hilltop of a law we do have which isn’t being enforced.  It has enormous symbolic value, but for a reason which might have special meaning to you.


Selectively enforcing law means that it can be selectively enforced by the next guy who inherits that power.  Well is it really that difficult to see who that next guy very well might be?  And if so, and he comes in there with vengeance on his mind, but with a hell of a lot of new power, it could be big trouble for those who did things like post to the internet about stuff they might have done which may involve controlled substances.  Selective enforcement isn’t always letting something go.  It can be the opposite: brutalizing people for a minor offense.


>…The ATF is shitty and I wouldn't wish them an iota more power even if it was wielded against my political enemies.   Cutting off nose to spite face…


Agreed, neither of us would.  But if power exists, power will be abused.  We are at a huge risk of that problem getting way worse in ways that impact us personally.





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