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> The laptop scandal is not about the crackhead or his felonius ATF form.
> It's about the fact that there is clear evidence that his father was
> getting at least 10% of profits through the crackhead's pay to play scheme
> with Ukraine, China, and possibly others.

Thank you for the clarity.  Adding conspiracy theories masks the true
injustices.  The MAGA crowd keeps shooting itself in the foot: there's more
than enough actual corruption to bring down a good portion of the
Democratic party.  Unfortunately they apparently can't stand the thought of
not also arresting Democrats who haven't committed crimes, but do endorse
liberal values (such as not randomly beating and murdering non-whites for
being non-white) that are abhorrent to the MAGA crowd.

Even if this allegation is true, given the choice between this corruption
and what Trump or Desantis (the currently most likely GOP 2024 presidential
nominees) have pulled in office, Joe Biden is at least less corrupt.
Electing someone who is more, and more blatantly, corrupt doesn't fix
the issue.  ("Accelerationist" claims that putting someone in office who is
too corrupt to ignore, that would force law enforcement to clean up, have
been rather thoroughly disproven.)  That said, this is one of the reasons
why I tend to vote third party when I have the choice.
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