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From: John Klos <john at ziaspace.com> 

>...The evidence that was shared with IT experts was unquestionably accessed
after it was collected. What actually was changed and by whom can't be known

Good then we need to call everyone to the witness stand to testify under
oath.  We need the guy who wrote it, the guy who received it, and the
computer guy.


>...You trust Elon to what? 

To shine a light where currently there is darkness and decay.

>...He's a manchild with problems who doesn't understand regular people. He
shows a lack of capacity for empathy...

Empathy is not necessary to shine a bright light of day on what I fear is a
secret effort to suppress other people's ideas.  

>...If you say "free speech", then do you really think that platforming
Nazis and white supremists is the price we have to pay to not overstep?

John they can take that kind of stuff down, and Elon is doing it, starting
with that rap star guy whose name I forget, who is a Nazi.  What Elon brings
is openness: if something is taken down it should be labeled, archived and a
reason given.  There have been credible accusations of shadow banning at
Twitter, which can under some circumstances continue, but the person being
shadow banned gets to know it is happening.  Ja I understand that is a
contradiction in terms and that true shadow banning requires stealth, to
intentionally decrease the reach of memes Twitter doesn't like, but I would
note that one sitting in the shade of a beautiful Oaktree is in its shadow,
yet can still see and be seen.  I will settle for pseudo-shadow banning.

I say define the rules, code them, let software do what software does so
well, get Twitter breaking even as soon as possible because otherwise there
is no Twitter at all, and I think it has enormous value to the world.  That
company cannot keep operating at a loss.  They were hemorrhaging so fast,
they had little time left.  I don't know where those 4 million bucks a day
were coming from before, but that is some serious red ink there.


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