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>…An optimistic scenario is that China will lose the war with Taiwan.  Also, a realistic one.  They're going to get annihilated when they try.   


>…Alao: for the love of God please stop imbibing news from whatever echo chamber you're in or just go to /pol/ so you can at least get it undigested.  It is at least interesting to see how things trickle down to the mainstream, I suppose. Stick to engineering.


>…On a related note, didn't we make another list for politics as to facilitate this one to discuss science and transhumanism instead of vapid mass media punditripe?  This is as bad as John K Clark's Trump derangement, albeit presented with an avuncular "aw shucks" façade.   But just as toxic and just as irritating to listen to.  I'm also not a fan of a list admin displaying political bias…






Will, I am not a list admin.  Haven’t been for a coupla years or more.  That is ExiMod, but I am not ExiMod.  I will give you that much information about the identity of ExiMod.


I will freely offer that I have never heard anyone suggest Taiwan would defeat China.  I get a lotta stuff from a lotta sources, never heard that one.  


No I have no intention of stopping my imbibing in either Reason or Slashdot.  Or Astronomy for that matter, or Nature or Physical Review Letter, any of that stuff.  Oh the Babylon Bee, that one is really funny, but it isn’t a news site, it is fake news and parody.


I only ask for clarity and openness on some really weird stories I heard, and I gave some examples which keep pointing back to the FBI doing really fishy stuff, such as… why do we still not know what is on the infamous laptop after they already fired a guy for slow-walking the investigation?  Who replaced that guy and why isn’t there any word about that still?  How long does it take to determine if the content on that machine is fake or forged?  Couldn’t they just contact the people who appear to have written it and ask?  Did they?  What was the result?


That hammer attack business, the FBI report is weird.  I don’t understand how someone got into that area unnoticed and broke into that particular house using only a hammer.  It makes no sense to me that would by physically possible to do, considering the circumstances.  Regarding echo chambers, do you know any which have an answer to some pretty obvious questions?  Such as… why didn’t they just release the body cam video?  Let us determine if the FBI report agrees with what we see. 


Regarding US politics on the ExI list, while not encouraged, it isn’t forbidden.  We asked that posters refrain from personal insult, be civil, which this discussion has been, so I wouldn’t consider any of it out of line were I a list admin.  On John’s list, personal insult is allowed.  We imbibed in it for a while, all in good fun.  I haven’t been there in about the past year, so I don’t know how it is now.







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