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> >…Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence…
> But we have the presence of evidence: the video of a guy inciting a riot
> in which people were killed, a felony, and his not being arrested, while
> others were arrested for trespassing, which is a misdemeanor.

And we also have evidence of what else he did which explains why he was not
arrested, as discussed earlier in this thread.  Almost everyone reading
this knows it, so there's no use citing just the evidence of incitement
while ignoring the rest.

> >…You'd have a much stronger case arguing for corruption if you speculate
> on why Donald Trump remains free…
> Presidents have absolute final authority on classification

Which he did not exercise.  Exercising that authority involves marking the
documents declassified, which was not done; just thinking "declassified"
does not make them legally declassified.  Those documents were still
classified, regardless of whether he could have declassified them.

Also he was no longer President at the time (they weren't declassified
while he was President, and once he wasn't he could not retroactively
declare them declassified), also there are some things in the collection he
had that even the President is not the absolute (sole) final authority on
classification of, also the charges on the FBI's warrant to seize the
documents did not rely on the documents being classified, and other caveats
you've probably heard.

So with all of that, why does Trump remain free?
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