[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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Thu Dec 15 16:46:23 UTC 2022

I think you must be joking about Cook.  The CCP owns him.  I suppose there
aren't any children working in those Foxconn hellholes with the suicide
nets, and other more recent issues, but they are certainly brutal

You comment on his stance on privacy is also ill timed, as while he may
give the appearance of caring about privacy for users in Western countries
because it is a convenient marketing point, he clearly doesn't actually
care about it based on his willingness to do the CCP's bidding:


Of course, now that the egg is firmly on face, the rest of the world is
getting punished as well so that he has (im)plausible deniability:

Now that he has realized who his masters are, he's scrambling to try to
move stuff out of there, but it's too little, too late:

The writing has been on the wall as far as the CCP for a very long time
now.   He may not be alone in being part of the problem, but he's a huge
part of it, and is certainly no saint, and little better than Google in the
doing evil department.

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> For instance, most people other than Tim Cook would probably calculate
> that by not taking stands on privacy, child labor and rare materials,
> Apple could make a few percent more $. Google, on the other hand,
> calculated that they could make more $ by depricating their "do no evil"
> slogan and, well, doing evil.
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