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>…Have we reached the point where people will watch TV shows….


TV shows?  What’s that?  Oh wait, I do remember those things.


>…with a cast only of AIs?....


The acting crowd has been asking this question for some time Billw.  We remember the milestones: Tarkin and Princess Leia being digitally resurrected in Rogue One, and the only comedy Al Pacino ever did, S1m0ne from 20 yrs ago.  


If you view S1m0ne, study up beforehand on the computer technology available in 2002 so you can catch the subtle sight gags, which are many.  That one worked so well because the writers were writing about a topic they knew so well.  It was Hollywood making fun of Hollywood.


>…Boggling the mind - the roles of lawyers in all of this.  bill w


Technology is fast.  Law is slow.  Get a bucket of buttery popcorn and a tall frosty cola, for this is going to be a great show Billw.







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