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Define "cast".  In most animated shows these days, the visuals are at least
partially computer generated.  It would be a short step for voice-to-text
programs to read the script, some of which - such as the Vocaloids - can be
hard to distinguish from human voices.

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> Have we reached the point where people will watch TV shows with a cast
> only of AIs?  Will AIs be allowed in the Actor's Guild? Will the actor be
> ...what?  The robot brain?  The programmers?  The writers?  These questions
> may have already been considered.  Maybe they will be classified as cartoon
> characters. Will people want smart clowns?  Or rats?  What we need is more
> cartoon characters - give the olds ones a rest to get ready for a
> comeback.
> Boggling the mind - the roles of lawyers in all of this
> bill w
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