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Define "cast".  In most animated shows these days, the visuals are at least partially computer generated.  It would be a short step for voice-to-text programs to read the script, some of which - such as the Vocaloids - can be hard to distinguish from human voices…





I view Dickens’ Christmas Carol every December in all its incarnations, just to be able to quote the line “Bah!  Humbug!”  That’s my favorite part, but my favorite version is Muppet Christmas Carol, which is playing in the background at this moment as my son has six of his teenage friends enjoying it with him.  If we define “cast” as human actors, it consists of about a dozen voice actors, but only one human in full human form.  Michael Caine plays among a number of simulated beings and a few non-speaking extras for most of the scenes.  There are four humans who play young Scrooge.  From that 30 year old work, we can easily imagine a time when cinematic works are done with one or two humans acting realtime against all the rest simulated beings.



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