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> Mike and Angel, consider those two comments and how they play together.
> If a mind is not substrate-dependent, then a brain can theoretically be simulated based on the content of an existing mind.
> If so, then statement number 2 above is incorrect kinda: in that case, alive isn’t greater than dead exactly.  If we want to say being simulated after cryonics = dead (in accordance with statement 1 above) and the brain is a node in a larger network, then a sim mind is way more effective at being a network node than a meat brain.  Reasoning: the I/O isn’t as severely bottlenecked as is our carbon-based brain.
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If a mind can be run on hardware - then that changes everything!
Processing a mind a million times faster than humans is entering a new
world. They will hardly be in contact with humans at all. They will
build a new civilisation in what seems like the blink of an eye to
humans. Hopefully, they will be able to remove the faults brought over
from their previous humanity.


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