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>...If a mind can be run on hardware - then that changes everything!
Processing a mind a million times faster than humans is entering a new world. They will hardly be in contact with humans at all. They will build a new civilisation in what seems like the blink of an eye to humans. Hopefully, they will be able to remove the faults brought over from their previous humanity...BillK


Never mind a million times faster BillK.  If the mind or the most precious essence of the mind is substrate independent, and we are smart enough to simulate it, then the million times faster business doesn't matter really.  We could (with enough patience) run ourselves on a good old i486.  Then we don't cost much.

But if we are substrate independent, then...

>...They will hardly be in contact with humans at all...

Then what's the big hurry?  We (they) have all the time in the universe.


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