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>  alive isn’t greater than dead exactly.

### Aside from the discussion engendered by my post, let me offer
background information on why having a Revival Trust is important for a

Having money is good, in part because you can use it to protect yourself
from various dangers and attacks. Unfortunately, your options for using
this golden shield after your death are limited. Simply leaving some money
to your descendants or a company is weak sauce since there isn't much you
can do to stop them from just pocketing the cash and forgetting about your
frozen corpsicle. Alcor does have a Patient Care Trust which provides
resources for suspension and possibly eventually for reanimation but it
does not cover all of your potential needs. However, by establishing
certain types of trust, you can create a legal instrument that might
survive for hundreds of years (360 years, potentially longer) and you can
specify the conditions under which your money can be used to protect you
against trouble for a long time. In addition, by the power of compound
interest, a modest 1 million dollar investment (e.g. through a life
insurance policy) after only 100 years at 8% growth rate could give
you 2,199,761,256.34 dollars to play with after reanimation.

That's 2 trillion reasons to think about a Revival Trust.

Plus, there is also the issue of dying safely. This may sound like an
oxymoron, since dying is widely considered to be the most unsafe thing that
could happen to a human, however, for a cryonicist the situation is
different: You want to die while your brain is still in excellent condition
and you want to die where immediate cryonic care is available to make sure
it stays in that condition. This means you might need to use assisted
suicide and other unusual approaches to avoid damage from dementia,
prolonged and futile resuscitation and other medical dangers. Between the
special provisions in my living will and the revival trust I am increasing
my chances of avoiding these dangers, at a still relatively low cost.

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