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Well, at least you won't have to wait, Ben, the way I have had to, for
years waiting for the next book.  The last one, #9, just came out.   bill w

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> On 16/02/2022 00:27, bill w wrote:
> I would like to get comments on the TV series from people who read all the
> books.  Thanks!
> Ooh, I didn't know there were books! I will read them after I've finished
> the TV series. I can comment on that, even though I haven't read the books
> yet. First I heard of it, I tried it, and my impression was: Wannabe Blade
> Runner meets wannabe Dark Matter, and fails to live up to either, so I
> stopped watching. A couple of years later, I gave it another chance
> (possibly because of a comment on here, not sure), and persevered past the
> point I had quit earlier. I warmed to it, and ended up liking it. So now
> just at the beginning of Series 3, looking forward to what happens next.
> If anyone else was put off by the weak Blade Runner vibe at the beginning,
> I can say it gets much better. Worth persevering with.
> So thanks, Bill, for alerting me to the fact that there are books. I
> already want to read the Altered Carbon books that I never bothered with
> before, but now have an interest in since seeing that TV series.
> Ben
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