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> Spike wrote:
>> We already know what will not happen: the US government has worn out
>> their collective credibility by the most inept response imaginable.
> So you’re all gonna die, because the stupid and antisocial among you will
> be able to ignore whatever measures might possibly save you?

### The stupid and antisocial among us, like Dr Fauci and Ms Whitmer,
damaged the social fabric with their stupid and destructive actions.

The covid hysteria was similar to crying "Fire!" in a crowded theater daily
for two years. There is an interesting question of liability - you can be
held liable for the damages caused by a panic after a false alarm. Can you
be also held liable for teaching people not to believe when an alarm is
sounded and as a result have many people ignore a real emergency? There is
certainly a condition of "alarm fatigue", for example when doctors see
literally tens of thousands of false alarms when using EMR (electronic
medical record) such as EPIC - so when a really important message shows up
in the constant barrage of incoherent computer-generated idiocy some of us
might ignore it out of habit. Who should be liable - the doctor who ignores
the warning, or the program vendor, who makes it impossible to treat
warnings seriously?

Many people will not believe the boys and girls who cried wolf every day
for two years, even if the wolf actually shows up. Yes, more innocent
people will die because Fauci lied.

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