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>> Sure, people can make the argument that this is because I'm the one most
>> active in recruiting people.  But I argue that IF there is a better theory,
>> with better arguments, people will see that, and the better theory will
>> gain more consensus, and RQT will be proven wrong.
> Not if you continue to be by far the more active recruiter, with those who
> might be able to post a convincing counter-theory seeing Canonizer as
> "Brent's site" where it is not worth the effort to post things that Brent
> disagrees with (whether due to expected censorship, preaching to an
> audience that sides with Brent out of personal loyalty rather than
> seriously thinking about the issue, or whatever reason).

To be fair to Brent, Canonizer is about aggregating different and opposing
opinions. There would be no point to it otherwise.

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