[ExI] Ukrainian astronomers systematically studying UFOs over warzone

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Sat Sep 17 14:00:49 UTC 2022

Quoting myself:

> Astronomers from the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences in Kyiv
> have been tracking and studying a large number of UAPs that have been
> flying over the warzone. By using simultaneous observations from two
> tracking stations spaced 120 km apart, they were able to triangulate
> their altitude, speed, size, and optical characteristics. They ranged
> from being 10-15 km in altitude to 1170 km in altitude, travelling at
> speeds of up to 15 km per second, and ranged from 3 to 12 meters
> across in size. The scientists have classified the UFOs as either
> "cosmics" or "phantoms" based on whether they emit or absorb light.
> https://arxiv.org/pdf/2208.11215.pdf
> https://nypost.com/2022/09/14/ukrainian-astronomers-claim-ufos-everywhere-over-kyiv/?utm_source=like2buy.curalate.com&crl8_id=66ab5525-26eb-493c-9724-70537d09c17d

After examining the paper, I find the most interesting bit of data to  
be figure 4. I have attached figures 3 and 4 to this email. Figure 4  
shows that there is a LINEAR relationship between a UFO's brightness  
and its speed. So a UFO going twice as fast would glow twice as  
bright. What is so remarkable about this is that this does not  
correspond to any known phenomenon.

For example, a meteor would display a quadratic relationship due to  
nature of kinetic energy being converted to heat and light due to  
friction, causing the meteor to incandesce. So a meteor that went  
twice as fast would glow four times as bright.

Due to the nature of aerodynamic drag forces versus engine efficiency,  
the difference would be even more marked in any known flying vehicle  
where the relationship would be that the engine power and therefore  
brightness would increase with the cube of the velocity. So an  
airplane or a rocket that went twice as fast, would glow eight times  
as bright.

So figure 3 in the paper is very strange. Maybe the UAPs are using  
some form of dark matter engineering that allows them to interact with  
fluids of normal matter in a weaker fashion, allowing them to speed  
through the oceans and atmosphere without friction or drag?

Also for the old-timers on the list, here is a link to one of the  
oldest videos of UFOs I could find online. It dates to July 2, 1952  
and is filmed in Trementon, Utah.


It even features the voice of "documentary man" from the school films  
of our youth.

Stuart LaForge

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