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> A Mandarin speaking neighbor said there is a small fraction of the
> internet available in Mandarin, a tiny fraction of what is available in
> English, and even a lot of that was written by American and European based
> Chinese expatriates.  His notion was that even people living in China
> really need to learn English in order to take advantage of what is already
> there on the internet.
> Well, ok then.  Suppose they do, recognizing that so much more AI training
> material is available in English, and for that matter, biological
> intelligence training material is more available in English  (we should
> start calling it AI and BI.)  If so, perhaps China is facing a dilemma: use
> their own enemy’s culture and language to train AIs and their own BI, the
> little commies?  Or try to make do with a limited Mandarin language base?
> I don’t know what I would do if I were Dear Commie.  Adrian, what would
> you do in that case?

Back off on the repression.  Implement and enforce protections for those
who report corruption, as well as actual penalties for corruption, so as to
start cleaning middle levels of government of those who hold the Chinese
back, taking public example from what corruption has demonstrably done to
the Russian army.  But what matters is what they are likely to do.

Train the AIs on the English Internet as well, not to mention the Spanish,
Japanese, and anything else the AI can grab.  They aren't worried about AIs
adopting foreign culture, only their - as you put it - BIs.  Any AI that
does start spreading foreign culture can be shut down with far less
repercussions from the BIs than executing BIs who do the same.
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