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Try to use colder Temperature when you want more precise answers.
Temperature of 0 gives you more factual answers, temperature of 1 it just makes things up, anything in between is a mix of factual and made up stuff.




spike: is cryonics a feasible way to achieve immortality?




Cryonics is the practice of preserving human bodies or brains at extremely low temperatures with the hope of reviving them in the future when medical technology has advanced enough to cure the conditions that caused their deaths. While some proponents of cryonics believe that it could eventually lead to immortality, there is currently no scientific evidence to support this claim.

One of the major challenges of cryonics is the damage that occurs to tissues during the freezing and thawing process. While cryoprotectants can help reduce this damage, they are not yet able to completely prevent it. Additionally, the technology to revive cryonically preserved bodies or brains does not yet exist and it is not clear if it will be possible to revive them in the future.

Furthermore, there are ethical and logistical challenges associated with cryonics, such as the high cost of the procedure, the uncertain legality of cryonics in some countries, and the potential inequities in access to the technology.

In summary, while cryonics is a fascinating concept, it is not currently a feasible way to achieve immortality. The technology and scientific understanding required to achieve true immortality are still beyond our current capabilities.







OK, this answer is most annoying, for I think I know the approximate source of that third paragraph and I deeply disagree with the premise.  I might go ask GPT some stuff that I know is likely going to be sourced from the Extropian archives, just to see if I or someone I know might have partially trained ChatGPT.  I asked it about Matrioshka brains, and it made a mess of it, oh what a mess it made.  I won’t bother posting it, oy vey. 


OK I have the question in mind, and it has to do with Mersenne primes.  But it will hafta wait until tomorrow.  Unlike ChatGPT, I grow weary and my biological nature requires nocturnal respite from my endless amusement.


Is this a cool time to be living, or what?



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