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>.Now, I have to be honest; this is also true of human writers. None of us
have truly original ideas.


On the contrary madam.  I have lots of truly original ideas.  The problem is
that invariably, I find that some thieving yahoo thought of it and patented
it before I was born.  I'll sue!



>.The difference between a cliche story and an "original" one is that the
later takes old ideas and twists them a bit. 


Tara Maya



Ja, truly original ideas in fiction are extremely rare.  The best stories
are when we try to write what is actually non-fiction.  But if you do that,
the story is often so outlandish, it isn't believable.  Reality is weird.


Tara you are a writer.  Try this: write a fiction story which is actually a
fictionalized version of what happened, when you were there, where you heard
and saw.  When I say fictionalized, you make composite characters (because
in real life there are too many characters in the play (which makes it
confusing (which is why we go thru life confused.)))  As conventional as I
appear, I have had a damn weird life.  The weirdness was my fault.


Write a fictionalized memoir Tara.  Write it with the right attitude.  You
can change the setting to the future if you wish, instant SciFi or fantasy.



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