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Title: The Unexpected Breakthrough

Dr. Alan Fletcher, a renowned neuroscientist, had spent the better part of his career researching ways to improve the efficacy of Alzheimer's treatments. He knew that bexarotene, a promising drug, had the potential to help patients, but its inability to efficiently cross the blood-brain barrier posed a significant challenge. He often found himself lost in thought, wondering if there was a way to overcome this limitation.


Ja, there ya go, proof.  Any time I come up with a cool idea, some other sleazy bastard has already thought of it.  Dr. Alan Fletcher, hah!  Bet he gets a Nobel prize for this research, then does he even say nice things about me?  NO!  He acts all innocent, makes up this breezy lip-flapping fiction about having thought of it while drinking sake, won’t admit he got the idea from an online Alzheimer’s reddit group, when some cat named spike mentioned it.  But noooooo, the glory hound hogs all the credit for himSELF! 


I tell ya, it’s tough being a creative person.


Oh wait… never mind, retract all, my bad.


Cool story Giovanni.



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