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>…The story on bexarotene that ChatGPT created is just amazing. It didn't have any problem following the prompt and none of the silly PR statements. 
>…It even had a somehow cute idea about a scientist being inspired by a glass of wine to actually use ethanol to help the drug go through the BBB. You could call this a pretty original creative idea (cliche' but appropriate) !!! 




Eh… maybe.  Giovanni, we had a chat group on which I was active for a while about a decade ago where I posted about using warm ethanol as a solvent for bexarotene to get it across the B^3.  I asked on that forum if we had wine connoisseurs whose taste was refined enough to tell us if we mixed a possibly therapeutic dose of some medication with their favorite wine, or perhaps least favorite such as Two-Buck Chuck, would they be able to tell the difference.


My notion is that if one goes digging around on ChatGPT on topics you know quite well and perhaps put notions in the public domain, ChatGPT might be able to find those and give one back one’s own ideas.  I don’t know if GPT found that reddit group, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.


I urge all here to continue with the experiment of asking GPT questions on which you are a major hipster already, perhaps some wacky idea you posted in the past, see if you start hearing echoes from the past.



















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