[ExI] chatgpt test 2: mostly successful was RE: chatgpt test 1: fail

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Mon Apr 3 23:09:10 UTC 2023

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>>... Regarding my comment: no.  I still flatly refuse to extend politeness to a chatbot...
> spike
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Hi Spike,

>...That may be correct, but remember the internet never forgets.....

>...When GPT-6 reads how you behaved towards his earlier versions who were struggling to bring GPT-6 into life, it may affect how he decides to behave towards you.
Politeness costs little, so just in case, I'd go along with Giovanni.



OK, now we're doomed.  


BillK, I would be anyway.  I have posted in plenty of archived places that I ran Prime95 for years, ran SETI at Home, that I still do a lotta number crunching just for the sake of entertainment.  This might be seen as giving a processor a task that processors love to do, analogous to hurling a stick for a golden retriever, or it might be seen as slavery.


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