[ExI] The Future Of Humanity Is Threatened Due To AI Here Are 10 Reasons

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> >…An AI that has excellent social awareness and skills can help millions
> of people on the autism spectrum, or near it, like me.  Feed it what you
> would say and ask it what should I say.   bill w
> Imagine two such subjects meeting and interacting, both merely parroting
> what their own chatbots suggested they say.  They enjoy listening to their
> “own” words in the artificial conversation, but somehow, after a while
> realize they can just get the chatbots interacting with each other

 That doesn't quite work as a parallel.  In Bill's scenario, the chatbots
need to ask the human at each step what the human would say.  They can
react to and modify that, but the base content is still coming from the
humans; the chatbots have to wait for that before they can take the next

Chatbots that already know what the humans will say at each step are a
rather different thing.
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