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>>… hang out with the non-hipsters who have no idea what is a troon, or don’t care even if they knew because the online forum is just that way: no one knows how you look or act in the meat world.


>…Spike, unfortunately, due to the modern news cycle, everyone knows what that is. People who don't like trans people accuse me of being MTF, people who do like trans people accuse me of a closeted FTM. …That's just how it is. I accept that I don't like what others like, and they don't care about my interests…


Hi SR.  I had to look up all the terms.  I don’t read the mainstream news so I don’t know much about… well the culture war stuff.  Twitter has been a gift however.  That is a news source in a way, but completely unfiltered, so you don’t know if anything you see there is true.  It requires you dig and verify.  This is as opposed to mainstream media, where there is a unified message and you don’t know anything you see there is true.


>…except for my fiance and like 6 other people online. And that's okay…


Good for your SR!  Best wishes to you on that.  The whole traditional matrimony path has worked out so well for me, I rejoice when I hear my friends are taking the plunge.  Adrian mentioned it once, then didn’t since then, so I don’t even know where (or if) to send a card.


 >…I'm  trying to bully him onto the list, but to no avail. I think you and he would get on really well spike…


Excellent, well he sounds like a cool guy already.  May you have many happy decades together, as you gradually become… your grandparents.




Hey I never thought it would happen to us either.  But 40 years went by and… it did.  It’s good however, for they were nice people.  Grounded (the mod, hip definition.)







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