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>…(I have to doubt that Spike's forgiveness is not real.  Spike?  Holding grudges?  Heaven forbid1)…. Billw


Hey cool, idea: hold fake grudges.  Against imaginary people,  Such as the bastards who gave Winston such a bad time in 1984.


Billw, this has been a terrific, inspiring discussion, starting all the way back to when we started with ChatGPT and its enormous revelations about ourselves.  The fake pleasantness for instance: well if it makes other’s happy, it is justified in my book.  I don’t see the harm in it.  I see the benefit of it.


What are greeting cards please?  Sympathy cards?  Get well cards?  We can go down to the drug store and just read a few of those, by people who make their living writing stuff that can ease the pain of others, ja?  Well how hard is it?  Learn how to write like that, and then get ANY sympathy card, write the comforting words with a pen that others wrote so well.  It means more to the patient if they read what you wrote with a pen rather than what Hallmark printed in there, ja?  OK fair game.  If it helps the patient, write it.  Pretend to mean it, or in some cases you really do, so… fair game, play ball.


If we create a fake CareBot, well I say if it helps the patient, that looks like good medicine and since I mention medicine: what are drugs?  Isn’t that artificial feels-good stuff?  Pain killers, well if they work and the patient is in pain, go right ahead.  Loneliness and boredom are painful, so… CareBots.  I don’t care if they really don’t “care.”  I only care if they work.  This ChatGPT4 carebot looks like something that will comfort me in my dotage, even if I know it’s just software and even if I know I was one who thought it wasn’t “conscious” in the sense that we are.




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