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>…FAking pleasantness and becoming pleasant?  ..and if you cease your 'faking' you will regress to your mean, which is grumpy.  …bill w



Easy solution: don’t regress to the mean.  Regress only to the nice.  Then you won’t be grumpy.


Oh wait, you meant mean the statistical sense.  OK disregard all.


It does make one wonder: you have heard that old (and probably false) notion that it takes 17 facial muscles to smile and 31 to frown (or some such nonsense) well how does they figure?  Whoever started that silly notion, what did they do to get those numbers?  And if they wants to go that route, how many muscles does it take to make the duh face?  NONE!  Relax every facial muscle, try it, right now, get a mirror, relax everything.  Your spouse will look at you and say “Ok what’s this about, why are we making duh faces at ourselves in the mirror?”  I really don’t consider that a good reason to go around looking like that, arguing that it conserves energy.  You know it would be: Hey, spike, what’s with you?  Me: Nothing, its my resting duh face.


Nope.  Not buyin it, me lad.





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