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> And this is why there is zero energy in the universe, the universe is flat
> overall, we have perfect conservation laws, and mind-blowing symmetries all
> the way down.
> A good book to contemplate on these ideas is:
> https://www.amazon.com/Universe-Nothing-There-Something-Rather/dp/1451624468
> It is a well-known fact among physicists and notwithstanding attempts like
> the above to popularize the idea so few non physicists grasp it. Here we
> are discussing referents when the entire universe came from nothing. If you
> can do it with the entire freaking universe you can do it with anything
> else.
On the topic of the zero information and cosmogeny, there's also the
fascinating result from information theory, that having all information is
equivalent to zero information. In a sense, there is an identity between
nothingness and a totality (when measured by information content). Russell
Standish wrote a free e-book on this topic:

I also describe this idea briefly here:

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