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> I just wish people with these kinds of "qualities arise from <whatever>"
> theories would explicitly acknowledge (instead of ignoring), what everyone
> knows absolutely, that color qualities are real, and then provide some
> example of some kind of "function" or some configuration of parts, the sum
> total of which could be pointed to and say: "THAT  is redness."  at least
> in a way that would pass the laugh test?
> The particle interactions that occur in the brain can be represented as a
> graph and analyzed within the language of graph theory. Take a brain over
> some time interval and build a computation graph of all the particle
> interactions that occur within the brain over that time period. According
> to my theory there is a subgraph within that graph that corresponds to that
> person’s experience of redness. Whenever the person experiences redness
> that subgraph is present. Build a computation graph of a different person.
> Whenever the new person experiences the same color qualia the same subgraph
> is present within the total interaction graph. Commonality of experience is
> simply the set of subgraphs that are common. Which subgraphs correspond to
> particular experiences must be experimentally determined.
> Particle interaction graphs are not arbitrary like codes. They are
> physically grounded, objectively determined, and do not necessarily depend
> on the specific types of particles involved, which implies a form of
> substrate independence.
> Many of us have provided numerous examples and explanations. I am
> perplexed at your disregard.

I appreciate your patience, and persistence with helping me to better
understand.  I hear you saying that there is a bunch of different stuff
that has a redness property (i.e. lots of stuff reflects 700 nm light).
So, I can understand and agree with that.  The set of necessary and
sufficient stuff, which can result in a redness experience, may be diverse
(more than just glutamate).  But this set of stuff must be a seperate set,
from whatever has a grenness property, right?  In other words, you can't
replace something with a redness property with something that has a
greenness property and expect the person to say there has been no change?
So, in that way, what redness is like, is substrate dependent on that set
of stuff (all things that are redness), and you can't use something that
has a different colorness property, and expect them to say it is the same
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