[ExI] What is Consciousness?

Rafal Smigrodzki rafal.smigrodzki at gmail.com
Sat Apr 15 03:00:23 UTC 2023

On Tue, Apr 4, 2023 at 4:07 AM Brent Allsop <brent.allsop at gmail.com> wrote:

> The implication of your "Science succeeds. The mystery endures" claim
> seems to be that qualities of consciousness are not approachable via
> science?

### Approachable? Maybe, in the future. Approached? Eh, not really.


> Have I sufficiently proven to you that I understand your questions about
> ontology, immaterialism and so on?

### No, we are persistently speaking past each other. As I said, ontology
is a morass filled with words that chase each other's tails. Not worth
wading into.

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